50 Hours Hot Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

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Dublin, Ireland
From September 1st 2018






A 50 hours Hot Vinyasa Yoga training available for students who have already completed their 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training. 

This CPD (Continuous Professional Development) course prepares already qualified yoga teachers with the tools required to lead Hot Vinyasa Yoga classes. The course is Ireland's one and only 'Hot Yoga Teacher Training'. The course is recognised by Yoga Alliance.

You will learn the tools to bring healing, self discovery and growth to your own life and to the lives of your students.


Regular teacher training programs with well equipped accommodation and healthy food during the student's stay. A chance to practice hot/warm yoga everyday and learn how to become a teacher to share your yoga passion with your future students. 

Join yogis from all over the world to earn your 50 hr Yoga Teacher Certification, certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our certification allows you to teach normal and hot yoga classes in studios all around world. 

We have designed a program where you get the chance to teach regularly during the course. The program will help you to improve your confidence, being able to manage classes with a big number of students under any circumstances.

Basic requirements:

- 20 years old or above

- A minimum of 6 months regular yoga practice during the past 2 years

- Physically and mentally healthy and ready for hard work. 

If you have any serious injuries, please inform us by email prior to booking



Our aim is to provide the very best instruction in a supportive environment and treat every teacher and student as an individual.  We will share our journey with you and hope to be instrumental in the enriching of your life and the lives of your future students.

Accreditation & Certificate

This program will enhance your yoga horizon, allowing you to take your yoga practice deeper and further as you explore the possibilities of your body and mind as well as getting certified in a professional yoga school which is certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals. This certificate will enable you to teach hot yoga classes at any yoga studio in the world. Our curriculum will take you through all the aspects of how to teach and give you the tools to become a great instructor. 

Sample daily class schedule:


19:00 Guided Meditation or Breathing Technique

19:15 Main lecture (philosophy/theory/history) / Workshop/Lecture/Anatomy and Physiology

20:50 Close with Pranayama (Breathing) Exercise


Saturday/Sunday/Bank Holiday Mondays

12:00 Pranayama, meditation

12:15 Asanas, asana techniques & Teaching Methodology

14:00 Fruit and Tea

14:15 Workshop/Lecture/Anatomy and Physiology

16:00 Practice (Hot Classic/Vinyasa)

17:30 Class Planning and Discussion

Course Dates

  • Sep 1st, 2nd

  • Sep 22nd, 23rd

  • Oct 20th, 21st

  • Nov 10th, 11th

Saturdays, Sundays 12 - 6pm


50h Hot Module for Qualified Yoga Teachers - €800 

Non-refundable reservation fee - €300 (50h)


This includes:

   - Your yoga membership during the entire training.

   - Mat space so you can store your mat

   - Course manual and Handouts

   - Course T-shirt

Refund & Cancellation Policy & Information

If you need to cancel the course, do so no later than 3 weeks (21 days) before the course starts otherwise we will refund you only 50% of the amount paid, not including the non-refundable deposit.

Please be aware that the course will be cancelled if we do not reach the minimum of participants by 1 week before the course starts. In this case, you will receive a refund of your payment. We recommend you to buy a refund insurance on your plane ticket if you are coming from abroad.

How many students

There will be a minimum of 5 and maximum of 15 participants in each course.

For further information

email us at