build out your own 



Can't find wellness classes, courses,  events, workshops, retreats and wellness holidays in your area or when you are free?

You can now create and 'group-fund' your own wellness services in just 3 simple steps!

STEP 1 - The Proposal

Build out your proposal by clicking the 'Go' button to get started!

This step will take less than 5 minutes and allows you to choose 

a) What wellness experience or service you want (eg. A Wellness Retreat or weekly classes etc.)

b) Where you want it (eg. Sathill, Galway, Ireland or Faro, Portugal)

c) When you want it (eg. November 2019)

d) Who? Do you want a private experience for you alone or a group of your friends? Or do you want to connect with others who might like to join the experience and crowdfund the proposal with you?

As our entire mission is promote wellness and all activities that encourage wellbeing, we will also promote all free proposals connecting like-minded people through activities promoting wellness.

d) Any extra details

STEP 2 -We do the work!

Submit your proposal to BeWell

We will take your proposal and see if something similar exists already that might satisfy your request.

If your proposal does not exist, and is a private request, we will work with local instructors and local venues to prepare some proposals for you.

If your proposal does not exist, and you want to crowdfund the proposal, we will publish your proposal on BeWell Connect so that we can find others who might also be interested. We'll pass you links and little tools so that you can share your proposal too on your own social media accounts reaching like-minded people!

STEP 3 -Voila!


For private proposals, if you like what what we offer, we will provide you with a simple click and pay link to book your service. We will then take care of the instructor, venue and any other details and all you need to do is simply show up.

For crowdfunded proposals, 

when we reach minimum interest levels and commitment, we will invite the group of participants to use a simple click and pay link to book the service.  We'll then take care of everything else. All you and the other crowdfunders need to do, is simply show up!


€9500- Cost covers venue + Instructor

10 students max

Min cost per 10 students €950