we don't know why

may 31st 2019

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We don’t know why we are unwell. And we don’t know how exactly to feel better. Yet, if you think about it, perhaps it’s all crystal clear. Perhaps it could be within our control and our own choice to put our fears aside and wake up to reality. If we had the full picture...

Let’s picture a wild animal. A beautiful animal who lives in the woods surrounded by lush green nature. He wants for nothing. His instincts and nature form a perfect harmony. He forages for food and lives entirely off the land. He sleeps peacefully at night under leafy trees and starry skies.

Now let’s assume that animal could be financially productive for us. We catch that animal and place him in a large cage. He will have plenty of space in the cage. So much he may not even realise what has happened after a few generations have gone by. We educate him year after year, slowly, in a way that solely serves our purpose. We teach him that his intellect will be his most important asset and key to his success in this new ‘life’. His bodily intelligence and primary instincts, the tools that left him want for nothing whilst living in the wild, are useless and perhaps even dangerous for us. And thus consequently, for him.

Years go by. Finally he doesn’t question us anymore. He doesn’t quite remember his days back in the wild.

We release him from this ‘education’ cage into a new much larger cage. We tell him, now he is ‘free’. He can choose from a list of intellectual jobs so that he can generate lots of money. We have taught him that money will buy him security and' nice things' that will eventually bring him great happiness. The bigger and shiner these things are, the more secure and happier he will be. Unbeknownst to him, the more he works and the more he spends, the richer and more powerful we will become. He has spent so much time absorbing our education that he is confused with a distant idea that all he might need is a safe shelter, a full belly, good company and a life in harmony with nature.

And so, he spends 40 years sharpening his intellect and working in a concrete building.For most of the day he is sitting at a desk looking at a digital screen. He spends most of his money during these 40 years on purchasing another concrete building for himself. His food makes us richer. Yet this same food makes his health grow poorer. He only spends time in nature now and then. Mainly when a strong urge takes over him to get out of the city for a few days. Because it’s all becoming too much for his head to handle and his body feels heavy.

And he doesn’t know why he’s unwell. 
And he doesn’t know exactly how to feel better.

The sad truth is, it wasn’t his fault.

But, if someone was to understand his story and explain his story to him. If someone was to go to him and help him understand why his life became what it had become, it might be his responsibility to change something.

Perhaps he could even take a few baby steps back towards the woods where he came from...

We wish you a beautiful weekend, lived deeply from your heart and instincts, stepping back slowly towards the wild...towards your unique nature and balance.


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pull up a chair

january 15th 2019

Pull up a chair. 

Take a moment to think about the life you are living. Take a moment to think where are you going. 

What impact will this life have on the world? Your world. Their world. The world you leave behind. What purpose forms the foundations supporting your daily decisions? 

Is your live yours? Or does your life feel like somebody else’s?  


We all work hard to achieve our goals. 
But how did our goals come about? Why did we set ourselves these specific goals? Did we ever sit down and really think about them? Like we would in a business strategy meeting.  Tease them out. Understand where they come from and why we want to achieve them.

This is your life. How much time, care and dedication to your life's 'goal setting strategy' do you think you deserve? 

Are we depending on our future goals to eventually bring us happiness while we plod away at a mediocre daily life? Or, do we feel full of life and vitality when carrying out the daily groundwork to achieve our goals?

Are we full of fear that we might hit the milestone only to find out it’s a never-ending cycle.

The fact is we know.
Deep down you know

I once found myself living someone else’s life. Reaching for goals that I myself had set. But I hadn't ever  asked myself where did these goals come from? Despite reaching the milestones and ticking off the goals as the years went by, I found myself feeling pretty empty. Eventually miserable.

I knew that each new goal was a never-ending cycle.
A quest to reach happiness.

A life full of goals without meaningful impact.
A life full of goals without meaningful purpose.


I had set the wrong goals for myself.
I had set goals that were in no way aligned to my truth and my purpose. And how could I set the correct goals? I had spent a lifetime slowly disconnecting from myself without even knowing it. I was completely unaware. And I  didn't know or have any of the tools I might have needed to come back... 

The idea of breaking free and leaving a life I knew was making me miserable was petrifying. 
So I didn’t budge.
I continued to set these disconnected goals higher and higher, hoping eventually to reach the happy spot.


I then, by utter chance, stumbled upon Yoga. I had practised Yoga many times before. It was never that interesting to take up regularly. But this, was Authentic Yoga. A practise that, if delivered with authenticity, can gently lead the practitioner back to their soul. Back to their core being. Back to their truth.  I was lucky to cross paths with a teacher who delivered her practise from the depths of her heart and her soul. Someone who had clearly scratched the surface of 'connection' and faced her own demons head-on to lead a life of continuous learning, purpose and impact. 

When you face difficult questions head on, growth happens. When you burry your head in the sand, things tend to stay the same. 

 If someone feels this deep disconnection in the form of discontent, anxiety, stress or the feeling of 'chasing happiness' and this same person wants to connect back into themselves, create awareness and gain clarity on what truly matters to them, they need an internal 

practice. This is not Yoga for everyone. In many cases it's meditation, writing, art, music or nature. 


My Yoga practice stirred up questions within me urging me to be honest about who I was. Encouraging me to live what was important to me. I came back to what I cared about.


The more I understood how to bring expression and breathe life into the things 

that felt purposeful and impactful, the less I felt attached to my daily life, my daily decisions, my career, the conversations around me, my internal and external discourse. At times the life I had created for myself and was still living and my newly rediscovered true self were so clearly distant and misaligned that I would smile or laugh out loud!

The mark I want to leave on the world became clear.
A driver propelling me beyond daily societal fears.
Granting me the confidence to grow and nurture things that really did matter.
I was fully ignited
am fully ignited.

And there was no going back.

And even if those choices mean I have to slip away from following the crowd, have less in common with the majority of society around me and blaze my own trail down a more dimly lit path. It’s ok. It's more than ok.

There’s a deep satisfaction and a great sense of fulfilment here. The absolute polar opposite of that feeling of being miserable. Of being empty. Of blindly chasing and grappling for eventual 'happiness' at the end of the next milestone.

You see: 

It’s all about re-connecting.
Re-connecting to yourself and resetting your goals raw.

It’s little about the colourful Yoga leggings, how stretchy you are, how bendy and attractive you are on social media and how good you are at the acrobatics. It’s not much to do with the appealing images of green smoothies, flat tummies and promises of fuzzy happiness. 

It's about who you are at the end of the day when the world is sleeping, the phone is switched off, your cat is asleep and you are alone with your thoughts.

The internal dialogue.
Are you proud of that person? Would you be friends with that person? Are you inspired by that person?

Or is that person settling for less than what they could become if fear was not a factor?

It’s about learning to face the pain head-on knowing  that there’s growth on the other side.
Scratching the surface of that which you most want to run away from! 

It’s the not settling for anything less than a life of absolute heart-lifting soul-inspiring 

What mark will you leave on this earth?
Make 2019 the year you re-connect and re-ignite your true heart's desire.

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sparkle on the inside

December 11th 2018

With all of the glitter and sparkle that The Holiday Season brings, it’s easy to disconnect our bodies and minds from the guidance Nature provides for us in Winter. Animals move into hibernation. Plants, trees and flowers sleep. The evenings grow darker earlier as the earth closes itself inward to rest and recharge. 

We are nature.

The closer we move with Nature’s guidance throughout the seasons and apply her age-old wisdom to our daily lives, the more we feel in harmony in our own body mind and spirit. In a world of 24/7 'noise’ in the form of shopping lists and bright artificial lights, it’s easy to forget that we come from nature. We are magical beings. We are miracles. Miracles distracted by cleverly placed commercial sparkles in the outside world when unbeknownst to us we have brighter and richer sparkles on the inside.

When I first really deeply discovered 'Yoga' with a style of yoga and teacher that perfectly 'clicked' for that time of my life, for the first time in a long long time I felt like I was a child at Christmas time. The magic, the wonder, the unknown and the sparkle was lit up inside me by every single class. I was being handed age-old tools to observe, access and deepen this feeling on and off the mat. It didn't involve working extra hours or making and spending more money. It wasn't about racing towards success or achievements in my private or personal life. It involved slowing down. It involved coming closer to nature. Creating time, the most precious resource of all, to enjoy ancient practices that help one move deeper into body and mind. I was shocked suprised and deeply moved  with a new surge of hope on discovering that magic still  truly exists even for the most serious and straight-laced of adults.

Take some time this week to close your eyes and to feel into your body, mind and soul. When was the last time you asked your body and mind, ‘How do you feel? What do you need? How can I serve you?’ Observe the desire to slow down and to curl up in warm places self

soothing with rest and reflection. Be mindful of lower energy levels and the need 

for a more mindful pace. Honour this gentle guidance and observe the opposing messages coming from something and somewhere very disconnected with the truth of Nature... 

Maybe taking this time, will become the most important and life changing gift you have ever given to both yourself and your loved ones.

Wishing you an ongoing mindful Holiday Season.

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One of my favorite things in life is having and cultivating the time and space to contemplate, to live fully, and to absolutely relish in ordinary moments. My soul comes alive during the colourful, exciting and vibrant creation of new ideas or plans. When there is enough time and space in between,  I get to smile in the anticipation of this upcoming event or indeed birth of a new creation.  And when life allows, I relish in any minor pause, contemplating the beauty of the present moment fully aware and accepting of the in-between. Without this time and space to approach things mindfully with great appreciation for their beauty, the most wonderful of things in life disappear. 

We work so much and we have become so busy that the beauty of life is truly lost on many of us. If I were to tell you that the same feeling of magic, mystery and wonder you felt as a child can still be accessed as an adult, many wouldn't believe me. Yet it can. Part of this is physiological. Something we don't do favours for by sitting for hours a day slumped at a computer. The other part of it is having enough time and space in both our lives and in our mind.  Our desire or indeed our anxiety to consume and to 'fill the void' means we have created a lifestyle for ourselves where we no longer have any space or any time time to appreciate the true wonder and the true magic of life. 

I think about this a lot.
 I see dear friends absolutely frazzled.  Exhausted. Especially in Holiday Season. Minds on autopilot and endless to-do lists. Frazzled about things that eventually will lead us all to smile and shake our head sadly in realisation when we come to contemplate our short time here.
And yet we must not scold ourselves that we have come to be this way. We live in a society that profits from normalising 12 hour work days and carefully cultivating and deepening our insecurities. We are the product of this environment and our resulting mindset is not our fault.

However, once we arrive to this understanding. Truly arrive. Then we realise, though we can't change the past, we can choose our future. We can choose to create the space and time we deserve to appreciate life's wonder and magic. To throw aside the rubbish that in the end means nothing....and simply take the driver's seat.
We can choose new goals - completely misaligned to this societal chaos. We can flip to an internal focus, drowning out the 'noise' of the outside world, scratching the surface of our own passions and most importantly, our true raw 'purpose'.
What would you become if you were in the driving seat?
If you created a little bit of space and time for yourself to begin to recognise your confident internal voice vs the outside world's voice. If you began to clearly recognise each and every daily message you receive to slyly shake your confidence and have you spend money to 'fix' yourself. Can you clearly see that for what it is. Do you realise you are not broken? You don't need to be fixed. 
If you truly embraced this, what could you become?
And if you decided to approach this season with that same mindset, what could this holiday season become? Perhaps it could become the most wonderful, and truly magical holiday season you have ever truly, deeply mindfully experienced...

Wishing you a mindful start to the Holiday Season.

The importance of Space & Time

December 4th 2018