It takes time, effort, patience, tenacity and a 'special sauce' to create and manage events, workshops, retreats and courses centred in Wellness.It's not the conventional path taken and in most cases, takes time and money to even begin to carve out a career and business in this industry. Taking on the responsibility of the wellbeing of other people for a couple of hours, days or even weeks is not an easy task.But it's absolutely and undoubtedly vital that people follow this path, take the risk and crave out the way for others to enjoy all of the beautiful tools, ancient and new that exist to incorporate wellness and wellbeing into our lives.

BeWell's mission is to provide a strong and reliable platform where Wellness providers can showcase their offerings to as many people as possible. We want to show the world what you have to offer. We want to encourage people, through your living example to invest in their own happiness and to let you guide them on the next steps of their wellbeing journey. 


We understand that you place a lot of time, care and energy into your work. As we do also.

We are both working for the same goal.

Why not get in touch with us on if you have a service, event, workshop, retreat or course centred in Wellness that you would like to showcase on BeWell Ireland.