Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Training RYT-200

Gloucesterchire, UK-Starting July 24th 2018

We train teachers in the most effective methods for optimising your body and mind.  Our scientific and systematic approach will allow you to reach your full potential and guide others to do the same. Our name is taken from 3 vital components that have become separated in modern yoga. These elements are intertwined and when utilised together, they bring the most effective and authentic yoga practice.

Kundalini - Understanding Kundalini is fundamental to yoga yet rarely do teacher training programmes explain how you can work with it to improve your health and well-being. We share techniques to safely connect with the immense Kundalini energy that is lying dormant in us all.

Tantra - Yoga was primarily focussed on meditation and a life of renunciation until the Tantric's developed physical methods to support the practice. The Tantric's built on what the Rishi's discovered (the pioneers of yoga who dedicated their lives to spiritual development) and made it mainstream by creating techniques that could be used by everyday people without the time to dedicate their entire lives to yoga or the desire to cut themselves off from the rest of society. This is one  of several reasons why Tantra is especially relevant for modern day teachers.

Yoga -  Almost all the predominantly physical yoga "styles" popular in the west today have their roots in Hatha Yoga. Hatha yoga focussed on the physical aspects of tantra and enhanced them further producing the highest understanding of purifying and maintaining the body, as well as increasing our understanding of the  connection between body and mind. 

What we offer isn't a new style of yoga. For us there is one yoga, a vast science with many aspects. The different styles all have there place and benefits but our intent is to reunite the most effective and relevant elements of the yoga tradition and guide you to utilise them intuitively and in a way that best works for you and your students.


You will learn how to lead classes that will inspire, rejuvenate and expand the abilities of your students. Your will see the potential for rapid progress in you own personal development too, as you use advanced tantric techniques not found in other yoga schools or yoga scripture. This esoteric knowledge is only passed down face-to-face, directly from teacher to student.

"The Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Training course  is absolutely fantastic. Ildy and Anand expertly guide you through various asana and pranayama techniques. They are both supportive, knowledgeable and friendly; you are encouraged to begin to practice teaching quite quickly within the course which really helps with any anxieties you might feel about this...." 
Caitlin Barrett

"As a student and teacher of yoga, I have felt a deep yearning to deepen my practice and my knowledge. As an answer to this wish, Anand and Ildy, from Kundalini Tantra UK, came into my life. They are truly authentic yogis, living their lives consciously and by design, guided by the philosophy they teach..."
Diane Scurr

"After practising many different styles of yoga for many years I began feel to the urge to delve deeper into my personal yoga practise, and to learn the authentic techniques. I immediately felt a connection to both Anand and Ildy  they are the most humble, knowledgeable and warm-hearted teachers that will support you through every step of your journey and help you to learn, grow and challenge yourself.  Taking the course was one of the best decisions of my life and I can't thank Anand and Ildy enough..."
Charlotte Highland

Course Content

Asana - How the physical postures should be performed and sequenced. Includes variations you can give to students who may need easier progressions into the full posture. We will also cover how and when to adjust a students form.

How to instruct and manage a class - You will learn the art of teaching, in other words; how to inspire and motivate students safely, when to let students find their own way and how to manage groups with mixed levels of ability.

Anatomy, Physiology and Human Energy Design - How the body works and how yoga can enhance the various system within it e.g. muscular, skeletal, respiratory, endocrine etc. You will be bale to explain the all the benefits yoga can bring to the body, mind and soul.

The Chakra system - This energy system is a central concept that is shared throughout eastern approaches to health and well being . We think everyone interested in yoga needs to understand the  critical difference between the tantric and classical yoga approaches to understanding,  balancing and optimising  the chakras.

Kundalini Energy Transformation - Often only covered in a mystical sense in standard teacher training courses, we will explain what  it is, how it can be safely activated and what to do with it.

Tantric Sanjeevani Kriya - Kriya is translated as “action” and is used in several different contexts in yoga. The Kriya’s you will learn are a series of seated exercises that will activate energy channels in the body. With only a short amount of regular practice you can experience the life changing effects of these ancient and incredibly powerful methods that will bring the theoretical concepts of the chakra system to life by making it something you have physically experienced for yourself.

Pranayama - Your breath is the link between body and mind. The benefits of regular pranayama exercise cannot be understated.  The tantric methods have subtle but very important differences to those taught in a classical yoga approach. You will learn advanced methods for your own personal practice and basic methods suitable for using in a class or workshop.

Meditation -  The pinnacle of all yoga practice, meditation is so simple, yet so challenging. Fortunately there are techniques in both the classical yoga and tantric schools that you can use to rapidly accelerate your own progress and when leading group meditation sessions.

Philosophy - Exploring the yogic concepts of the universe, our existence in it and most importantly, how to create a life of love and fulfilment. Introductions will be given to key classical texts such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s, and lesser known but equally important tantric volumes. This will include the 8 limbs of yoga and the 5 kosha’s.

Yoga History - From the original yogi's, known as Rishi's, right up to the all the weird and wonderful "styles" of yoga on offer today. Learn the often untold story behind the evolution of yoga and what the different approaches offer.

A blissful location, perfect for yoga training

Situated in the beautiful Wye Valley, Ragman’s Lane Farm is well known for running permaculture courses and has inspired hundreds of people to take up sustainable farming methods.

Having  run many weekend yoga retreats and workshops here we have fallen in love with all the charm of the farm.

The idyllic rural setting will bring you closer to nature, to your true self and if you are ready for it, your true potential.

Simple living makes living, simple

Environmentally conscious and comfortable living areas will help you focus your mind on your studies and maximise your ability to learn.

The farm is  just the right size for groups living and learning together. It fosters a friendly and supportive "family" environment, something you will greatly appreciate when studying on an intensive programme

You will be served nourishing and delicious vegetarian meals each day, with vegan options available. Please contact us if you have additional dietary requirements, we will be happy to try and accommodate them.

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A Typical Day

10am       Energising postures (asana) and breath work (pranayama)
11:30am   Kriya and Meditation practice
12:30pm  Lecture, e.g. Yoga theory, philosophy, anatomy or history
1:30pm    Vegetarian Lunch
2:30pm   Lecture  
4pm        Restorative, Soul or guided meditation practice e.g Yoga Nidra
5pm         Lecture 
6pm         Finish

Schedule is not fixed and may change