Gift Vouchers


Why not give the gift of Wellness?

You know your 'special someone' is into wellness...

Or wants to get into wellness...

Or talks about yoga, meditation, fitness and health..but may need a slight nudge!


Why not invest in a special BeWell Gift Voucher?

Too often we buy gifts just for the sake of buying something. When we step back we might realise that chocolates, wine, and material things may not be the ideal gift for someone who is interested in developing and exploring their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Gift card holders can use their BeWell Gift Card to redeem any of the BeWell classes, courses, retreats and workshops listed for purchase* on our website.

Cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase. We have offerings on our website from as low as €30 upwards. 

We would be delighted to post out a special wishes card with a hand written message provided by you and a physical BeWell Gift Voucher.

Your special someone can then choose what retreat, workshop, course or wellness offering best suits them.

Not only a perfect gift, but a thoughtful and wholesome gift.

Note to boyfriends-Never buy your girlfriend sports leggings. Unless expressly requested! You cannot go wrong with Wellness vouchers...or Spa vouchers...or chocolate & wine...or better still, all of the above!

*If your gift card recipient prefers to use their BeWell gift card on a 'What's On?' listed event/service not yet partnered with BeWell and not yet  listed for purchase on our website, we can also do our best to facilitate that where there is still availability. This will incur a charge of 10% commission on the final cost of the selected service. Terms and conditions apply.


For gift vouchers above €350, drop us an email on