Jaguar Practice Masterclass

-With Jason Anderson

17th & 18th Nov 2018-Wicklow Town

The Jaguar practice is a mindful Vinyasa journey centered around 6 aspects of presence, direction, cleansing, awareness or timing, patience and authenticity all within your omnipresent breath flow.

Our quiet Prana and paws are stealthily precise combined with affirmative intentions of deep rooting (security/certainty) and light rising (ethereal expressions) in relation to successful hunting excursions on our mats or whatever territories (involvements, relationships) ; transcending this empowering refinement into your phenomenal matrix to be all you can be at any and every given moment.


As you are steadfast in focused certainty, you realize the shadowy illusion casted by your arch nemesis lackadaisical awareness, self-imposed limitation/resistance and insecurities and as you dissolve this enemy from the moments at hand to seize moments.


In these moments, look well into your space or potential and allow your energy to rise toward being all you can be or your truest essence; your brighter self.

 Inspired by the jaguar's presentation of power, aggression, vision and valour fused with grace, poise and effortlessness you flow ethereally in harmony to face your fears and confront your enemies (insecurities) and realize your potential.


The world is waiting for you to transcend as you enter into the portal of your brightest light.

This is an All Levels flow that will elevate you to the threshold of your excellence.

early bird offer €170 until 31st Oct 2018

€200 after October 31st

17th&18th Nov 2018
SCHEDULE: (with breaks)