Journey Through the Chakras- Juice Cleanse

Wicklow, April 27th 2019
April 27th-28th 2019
222 per person sharing

Re-ignite your Inner Light

Journey through the Chakras  

Welcoming Bealtaine with A Juicy Cleanse

Re-Ignite your INNER Fire and join us for a 24hr Reset

Celebrating the marriage of the Earth Goddess Eriu to the Sun God Lugh

Our next scheduled retreat is April 27th  at a cost of €222



Our Bealtaine Celebration 24hr reset has been carefully put together and designed to give women and men the tools to enhance and strengthen the union between God/Goddess and self.  They take place at very specific times of the year to coincide with the natural annual cycle of the seasons at the turn of the wheel points.  These are the perfect times to re-ignite your spark, tap into your intuitive power and unleash the God/Goddess within.  Join us as we Journey through the chakras with a combination of Healing Sound, Kundalini Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation.  Learn how to clear your chakras and tap into the healing energy that surrounds us all.  Invite more peace and love into every aspect of your life.  As we enter the new Aquarian Age more and more women & men will begin to open up to their inner wisdom and start to trust in their unique  powers.  At the end of our 24 hrs together you will feel uplifted and empowered with an abundance of love and joy along with feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  You will leave with a clear and strong connection to the universal wisdom.  Come with the intention of exploring the endless possibilities of discovering your inner magical being...... your God/Goddess!


Included in the package:

1 night  accommodation, Juicy breakfast, lunch and dinner

3 Playshop Sessions   


REST 11am-1pm - Introduction Clearing the Root Chakra and Sacral chakra  Sacred Tea Ceremony followed by a Healing Mantra Session -Clearing the Root Chakra and Sacral chakra

-1pm  Juicy Lunch or food is medicine menu/ free time to relax or have a healing treatment

RELEASE 3pm-5pm-   “Connect with the Rhythm of the Universe” Chakra Dance - Energizing the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra  - Living in Truth with the Throat and Third Eye Chakra

-6pm juicy Dinner or food is medicine menu


RESET  8pm-10pm- 12 chakra activation - Crown Chakra and Healing with the Universal Goddess Energy -Yoga nidra practice with singing bowls and chimes - closing CACAO ceremony with magical Sage Bath

-10am Juicy Breakfast or from the food is medicine menu.


The Venue  

The Wellness Retreat venue is a serene destination for those looking to reflect, relax and rejuvenate.  We offer tranquil accommodation nested in the south east of the Irish countryside of County Wexford .  You can book for private/Corporate Groups for a time that best suits your business or you can join as an individual on one of our pre-scheduled events though-out the year.  The simple act of just resting back at our peaceful venue in itself will help you relax and unwind from the hectic lifestyles we are today accustomed to.  However, the combination of gentle yoga movements, breathing techniques, restful meditation and healing nutritious food will also help reset those energy levels.  Spending time in nature has a deeply healing effect on the body, mind and spirit and our venue offers this in abundance, a splendid and ancient landscape punctuated by magnificent, domed mountains, purple glens, soft rolling hills and silvery streams. Whether you hanker for windswept mountain peaks, long distance nature hikes or coastal rambles, walking/waking in the East coast is certain to capture your spirit.


Spaces are limited so early booking is advised.

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