Healing with Cosmic Frequencies

Day 1- Light Language Workshop

Day 2 -Blue Light Synergy - Healing with Pleiadian/Angelic frequencies

Dublin City Centre (West)

Saturday and Sunday, September 8th & 9th, 2018


Day 1

Healing with Cosmic Frequencies

Light language, both in it's spoken and written form is becoming more common as a healing tool. As our planet reaches higher vibrations we are able to access the higher realms and anchor different frequencies in many forms. During this workshop we will open our channeling abilities to be expressed in our own particular way, so have no expectations on the exact way you wish to do it, allow the universe to surprise you. 

We begin with an energy session to open our information channels in order to acquire a better understanding of our multidimensionality which is where light language comes from. 


We will get to know aspects of ourselves through our higher-selves and spirit guides, since Light Language comes through our connection with these aspects of ourselves transcending space and time as we know it and working as ONE .

We will continue with an energy session to clear our vocal and expressive channels as well as interacting with our spirit guides. 

We will talk about spoken and written light language and the many uses for it, both in everyday life and for healing. 

Practicing our spoken and written light language. 

This workshop is day 1 of a weekend workshop, if you only wish to attend the Light Language workshop, the price is 130 Euros for one day. If you wish to attend both days, the price is 230 Euros


Day 2

Blue Light Synergy- Healing with Pleiadian/Angelic Frequencies

Blue Light Synergy is not a technique, but a form of connection to higher realms, creating a portal guarded and sustained by Pleiadians. These higher consciousness beings serve as a sort of relay between the even higher realms where we find the angelics. Pleiadians and angels work together with our patient´s spirit guides to assist in both releasing of dense energies and the anchoring light codes, among other things we will talk about during the workshop. 

-You will learn to clear density and anchor frequencies of light without external tools or given symbols, but simply using your own innate personal/freestyle way of working with energy as well as with sound and symbols (if you have attended the Light Langue Workshop the previous day). Blue Light Synergy simply gives you the fundamentals to let go of techniques in general and begin to work in your own particular way and maybe even giving way to create your own personal technique. 
-Blue Light Synergy is a highly effective way to remove blockages and dense energies through the anchoring of high vibrational frequencies through our own higher-selves accessing the Pleiadian/Angelic collective and working with them as ONE. 
-Once these specific Pleiadian/Angelic frequencies have been anchored in you during the activation, they will remain in your DNA, upgrading it, recalibrating it to anchor more light as well as activating dormant abilities, and enhancing the ones you already work with. 
-You will be given the fundamentals to work both individual and group sessions as well as working with several facilitators. 

This is day 2 of a weekend workshop. If you only wish to attend day 2, the price is 150 Euros for first timers and only 75 Euros for retakes. If you wish to attend both days, the price is 230 Euros


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Saturday and Sunday, September 9th & 10th, 2018