Finding Peace Where We Are

Mindfulness course

Co. Kilkenny

Mondays 7.30pm-9.00pm from 10th September 

6 weeks 

1 evening per week




'Meditation is the ultimate mobile device; you can use it anytime, anywhere unobtrusively'-Sharon Salzberg

Many view Mindfulness as something of a minority sport to be practiced only in a quiet room with eyes closed. 

I know from experience that for Mindfulness to be truly useful it has to work for us in the every day stuff of our lives , helping us both to better manage difficult situations and challenging people and to notice and enjoy the gifts in the everyday. 

We often come to mindfulness with a clouded, worried mind, searching somehow for more peace, happiness and connection.


Practising Mindfulness helps us to somehow feel lighter on our feet, experience more happiness for no apparent reason, and to see what are often crippling fears and anxieties diminish.

A gentle six week course ( 7.30 pm to 9pm each Monday)


Experience the benefits of Mindfulness and learn how to incorporate simple practices into your everyday life.
Booking essential.

€70 includes course workbook. 

For more info send us an email on

from Monday Sept 10th