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  • a range of yoga classes, including beginners, vinyasa flow, power and core, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, kids yoga, pregnancy yoga, yin yoga and mum and baby yoga.

  • meditation and mindfulness courses.​

  • This Yoga Studio's vision is to provide a space for everyone to practice yoga, no matter what age or stage of life you are at.​

  • This Yoga Studio believes that everyone can benefit from yoga. In today's world we are constantly being pulled from one demand to another, rarely getting a chance to switch off from our busy lives and slow down to take the time to  connect to our bodies, slow down our minds and nourish ourselves.​

  • We are often in "fight or flight" mode which can be damaging on our health long term. Yoga can provide the space to counter the effects of stress in our daily lives through practising the physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation at the end of class.

  • It is just about taking that first step towards booking a class and seeing for yourself how yoga can bring about positive changes in the body and mind.

  • This timetable may be subject to changes and is provided as a general guideline

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private class 

2 classes 33 euro

3 classes 48 euro

5 classes 75 euro

10 classes 140 euro