Tantric Heart Yoga Training CPD (A journey through the chakras)

Gort, Co. Galway
Oct 11th-14th 2019

In this training, we dive deep into the energetic world of the chakras, vayus, koshers and energy bodies. The main focus is on the chakras, balancing each psycho-energetic centre and work through the energetic blocks (often in the form of traumas and samskaras)  so the universal creative force can flow fully through you, connecting you with your life. 

This work offers an embodied approach to spirituality and aims to create awareness and integration around long held blocks that limit your growth and development. In addition to creating deeper awareness of blockages, we use various tools like asana, somatic meditations, embodiment exercises, art therapy, empathetic listening and sharing circles to help create balance through the chakras. 

This training is open to students who wish to dive deeper into their energetics of yoga and teachers who wish to develop the tools to share these offering with their students. 

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from €300