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  • 22.09.18---Criticsm vs Acceptance - Belfast---Short Workshop---2.5 Hours Workshop---(10.00-12.30)-£20

  • 01.11.18---Love Your Core Level 1 -Belfast---Half Day Workshop---3 Hour Workshop---(9.30am-12.30pm)-£35

  • 10.11.18---We can change the world -  Belfast---Half Day Workshop---2.5 Hour Workshop---(10.00-12.30pm)-£20

  • 18.05.19---Belfast's 1st Mind & Soul Interchange---2 Day Event---2 Full Days


  • 11.10.18---Oneness Sound - Sacred Sound Bath -Newry ---1xSession---1-2 Hours Session---(20.30pm)-€15

  • 10.10.18---Candle Making classes -Newry ---Half Day Workshop---2.5 Hour Ongoing Workshop---(10am /19.00pm)-£45


No Listings for this county yet


  • 03.11.18---Belturbet-Jampa Ling Autumn Yoga Retreat (Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Day)---1 Day Retreat---Full Day  10.00-16.30pm



  • 15.09.18---Magnified Healing ---Information on Request---Information on Request--

  • 26.09.18---Information session on Lee Valley Walking ---Half Day Workshop---3 hour info workshop---(11-2pm)-from €10

  • 05.10.18---Vedic Thai Yoga Massage 5 day intensive (West Cork)---Information on Request---Information on Request--

  • 06.10.18---Certified One Day Access Bars Class Youghal Yoghal---Day workshop---1 day workshop---(9.30am-5.30pm)-€300

  • 13.10.18---Inspiring meditation and mindfulness workshop Castlemartyr ---Half Day Workshop---3 hour workshop---(10am - 1pm)-€65

  • 10.11.10---Skibereen-Welcome home: a day of self-care through yoga and movement---Day Retreat---Full Day Retreat---(10.30-17.30pm)-€70


  • 04.11.18---Gem and Stone Healing level 1 practitioner (Raphoe)---1 Day Workshop---1 day workshop---(10.00-17.00)-€110 

  • 22.01.19---Buncrana-The Law of Attraction Talk---Short Talk---(19.00-20.30)-€15


  • 20.10.18---Newry-Level 1 Pranic Healing with David Connell---2 Day Course---Information on Request


  • 12.09.18---Deepen your connection with your partner ---Short Workshop---2 hour workshop---(19.00-21.00pm)--

  • 13.09.18---Loving Kindness - Restorative Yoga Class ---Information on Request------

  • 15.09.18---Healing the Divine Feminine ---Half Day Workshop---4 hour workshop---(11:00-15:00)-€50

  • 18.09.18---6 week Mindful Methods Course From ---Weekly Course---5 weeks 1.5 hours---(7- 8.30 pm)-€20 

  • 22.09.18---Equinox celebration - 108 Sun Salutations ---Information on Request------

  • 25.09.18---Dublin AcroYoga Elemental Immersion ---Information on Request------

  • 27.09.18---Inner Engineering Dublin ---Information on Request------

  • 27.09.18---Yin Yoga Afternoon ---Information on Request------

  • 27.09.18---Deepen your connection with your partner ---Short Workshop---3 hour workshop---(19.00-21.00pm)--

  • 28.09.18---Sound Bath/ Energy Exchange Evening ---Information on Request------

  • 04.10.18---Restorative Yoga Class With Susann ---Information on Request------

  • 05.10.18---Candlelit Yin Yoga Workshop ---Information on Request------

  • 05.10.18---Healing Circle ---Short Workshop---2 hours workshop---(19.00-21.00pm)-€25

  • 08.10.18---Nutritian food and feeling good---Weekly Course--- 8 week course Mondays---(19.00-20.00)-€120

  • 10.10.18---Homeopathy for Colds and Flu---Meet Up Group---Meet Up Group---(19.00pm)--

  • 11.10.18---Restorative Yoga/ Yoga Nidra Class ---Information on Request-----€14

  • 12.10.18---CPD Workshop - Treating Depression ---Information on Request------

  • 13.10.18---Reiki Level 2/ Practitioner ---2 Days Course---2 Days Course---(10.00-17.30)-€295

  • 13.10.18---Yoga for Beginners: a Six Week Course ---Weekly Course---6 weeks course---(13.15-14.30)-€ 85

  • 14.10.18---Gong Water Sound Journey ---Information on Request------

  • 14.10.18---Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra ---Information on Request------

  • 19.10.18---Reiki Shares in Dublin ---2nd Wednesday of each month-----€25

  • 23.11.18---Heart Times - Open Floor ongoing group in Dublin ---Information on Request------

  • 20.10.18---Bhakti Festival Dublin 2018 ---1 day Event---1 day event---(12.00-20.00)-€25

  • 21.10.18---Finding Balance - Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra workshop ---Short Workshop---2 hour workshop---(19:00-21:00)-€25

  • 25.10.18---Healing circle ---Short Workshop---2 hours workshop---(19:00-21:00)-€25

  • 27.10.18---Yin Yoga Donabate---Short Workshop---2 hours workshop---(13.00-15.00)-€30

  • 28.10.18---Usui Reiki Level 1  Includes Sound Bath & Energy Share---1 Day Workshop---1 Day workshop---(10:00-17:00)-€180

  • 28.10.18---Bank Holiday Self-Care Weekend ---2 Days Retreat---2 Days Retreat---(10.00-17.00)-€225 /€90 

  • 28.10.18---2-day Kansa Wand Facelift Massage course ---2 Days Course---2 Days Course---(10.00-18.00)-€325

  • 30.10.10---D4 (Sandymount-Halloween Kids Camp (Yoga, Mindfulness,Art, Dance)---4 Days Course-single day options---Information on Request

  • 03.11.18---Hatha & YIn Yoga Donabate---Short Workshop---3 hours workshop---(13.00-15.00)-€30

  • 10.11.18---Reiki Level 3 Master/ Teacher Workshop---2 Days Workshop---2 Days Workshop--

  • 11.11.18---Sacred Sound Bath  (Malahide)---Short Workshop---1.5 Hours Workshop---(19:30-21:00)-€20

  • 21.11.18---FREE BodyTalk Presentation (Malahide)---Short Talk---2 Hours Talk---(19.00-21.00)

  • 22.11.18---BodyTalk Access Full Day Training Course (Malahide)---1 Day Course---Full Day---(09.00-17.00)£ 125.00

  • 24.11.18---Foundation Certificate in Sound Therapy---2 day course---2 days all day---(11.00am-17.30pm)-€350.00

  • 24.11.18---Silva Life System Seminar D2 Area---Days 1&2 of 4 days---2 full days---€250.00

  • 01.12.18---Yin Yoga Workshop Donabate---Short Workshop---4 hours workshop---(13.00-15.00)-€30

  • 01.12.18---The Silva Intuition System Part 2 (days 3 & 4) D2 Area---Days 3&4 of 4 days---2 full days---€250.00

  • 02.13.18---Diploma in Indian Head Massage ---Information on Request------

  • Feb-2019---Sound Therapy Practitioner/Diploma Course-D24 (Swords)---Information on Request

  • 02.03.19---Level 1 Pranic Healing with David Connell---2 day course---Information on request


  • 26.09.18---Minding your Mental Health ---Information on Request------

  • 29.09.18---I AM Light Empowerment event ---Information on Request------

  • 29.09.18---Aerial Yoga Workshop Galway---Information on Request------

  • 30.09.18---Sacred Cacao Ceremony With Music ---Information on Request------

  • 06.10.18---Labyrinth - Your Path to Self-Discovery ---Information on Request------

  • 06.10.18---Labyrinth - Your Path to Self-Discovery ---Information on Request------

  • 13.10.18---Autumn October yoga retreat ---Information on Request------

  • 14.10.18---Soul Sound & Dance Workshop (Salthill)---Short Workshop---2.5 Hours Workshop---(10.00-12.30)-€30

  • 19.10.18---Autumn October yoga retreat ---Information on Request------

  • 26.10.18---Aerial Yoga Teacher Training for teachers---Click For More Info & Booking---4 Days Course-€850

  • 10.11.18---Self Care Workshop Galway ---1 Day Workshop---6 Hour Workshop---(10.00-16.00)-€70

  • 11.11.18---Mindful Self Compassion Retreat---2/3 Day Residential Retreat---Choose 2 or 3 days---€415-€520

  • 17.11.18---Somatic Movement for Hips, Core and Pelvic Floor ---Short Workshop---2 Hour Workshop---(14:00-16:00)-€25

  • 24.01.19---Focusing Foundation Skills and Community Experience---Information on Request------


  • 10.11.18---Wellbeing Day Retreat-Kenmare---Yoga & Hiking---1 Day Retreat---(09.30-17.30)-€120



  • Tuesdays---Sound Meditation (Bennettsbridge)---Weekly Course---Tuesday mid morning---(11.30-12.30)-€10


No Listings for this county yet




No Listings for this county yet


  • 12.09.18---Oneness Sound - Wednesday Sound Bath Dundalk---Short Session---75 mins session---(20.30-21.45)-€15

  • 17.09.18---Dundalk - Heal Documentary - Screening & Q&A Session Monday ---Information on Request------

  • 14.10.18---Cellular Transformational Healing ---Information on Request------

  • 20.10.18---Tameana Vibrational Healing  Sound Bath and Workshop ---Information on Request------


  • 09.10.18---New Moon in Libra scared sound beath meditation (Wesport)---Short Session---1.5 Hour Session---(19.30-21.00)-€15

  • 26.10.18---Residential Wellness Weekend---2 Days Retreat---2 days all day--

  • 14.12.18---12 Month Shamantic Practitioner Training---One Saturday and Sunday per month x 12 Months-----


  • 27.10.18---Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage workshop level 1---2 Days Course---2 Days Course---(10.00-18.00)-€180

  • 27.10.18---Yin Yoga And Sound Bath (Dunshaughlin)---Short Workshop---2 hour session---(17.00-19.00)-€30

  • 25.11.18---Yin Yoga  Hill of Tara---Short Workshop---2 hours workshop---(12.30-14.30)-€30

  • 25.11.18---Restorative Yoga Afternoon---Short Workshop---2 hour session---(15.00-17.00)-€30

  • 01.12.18---Yin Yoga December ---Short Workshop---2 hour session---(17.00-19.00)-€30

  • 02.12.18---Yin Yoga Morning---Short Workshop---2 hour session---(10.00-12.00)-€30

  • 02.12.18---Restorative Yoga Afternoon ---Short Workshop---2 hour session---(13.00-15.00)-€30

  • 09.12.18---Introduction to Mindfulness. December 9th. 10am-1pm.---Half Day Workshop---3 hour session---(10.00-13.00)-€45

  • 09.12.18---Introduction to the Chakras. December 9th. 2-4pm.---Short Workshop---2 hour session---(14.00-16.00)-€30

  • 16.12.18---Yin Yoga & Sound Bath---Short Workshop---3 hour session---(10.00-12.00)-€30

  • 16.12.18---Restorative Yoga. December 16th. 12.30-2.30pm.---Short Workshop---2 hour session---(12.30-14.30)-€30

  • 31.12.18---Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat. December 31st. 10am-5pm.---1 Day Workshop---1 Day Workshop---(10.00-17.00)-€125


No Listings for this county yet


  • 03.11.18---Reiki Professional Practitioner Course Tullamore---2 Day Course---Information on request


No Listings for this county yet



  • 29.10.18---REIKI LEVEL ONE --------

  • 09.11.18---Mahu Health - Restore Retreat ---2 Days Retreat---2 days all day

  • 15.12.18---REIKI LEVEL TWO Nenagh --------


  • 14.10.18---Harvest Holistic Fair ---Information on Request---

  • 02.11.12---The Aura-Soma Essentials course (Meditation & Self Discovery)---2 Days Course---2 days all day---(Limited 6 places)-£350


No Listings for this county yet


  • 30.09.18---Ease into Autumn Yoga Workshop Mullingar ---Information on Request------

  • 21.10.18---Become Present – Yoga for Grounding---Half Day Workshop---4 Hour Workshop---(13:00-15:00)-€25

  • 25.10.18---Pregnancy Yoga (Mullingar)---Weekly---Every Thursday, 25 Oct – 29 Nov---(18.30-19.30pm)-€60 for 6 classes.

  • 17.11.18---Level 1 Pranic Healing with David Connell---2 Day Course---Information on request

  • 02.12.18---A Bit of Heaven- One Day Meditation & Mindfulness retreat---1 Day Retreat---Full Day---(11.00-18.00pm)-€90


  • 29.10.18---Mindfulness based stress reduction course---Information on Request---8 weeks course

  • 24.11.18---One Day Mindfulness Retreat- Gorey---1 Full Day---10.00-16.00---€90


  • 22.09.18---TRE - tension trauma release exercises workshop ---Information on Request------

  • 05.10.18---Cacao Circle and Sweat Lodge ---Information on Request------

  • 15.10.18---Intro to Yin Yoga and Meditation ---Information on Request------

  • 19.10.18---OSHO Active meditations ---3 days Retreat---3 day Retreat---(All Day)-€200

  • 28.10.18---Charka Balancing Intro with Yoga and Essential Oils ---3 hour workshop------

  • 16.11.18---THE YOGA OF SRI T. KRISHNAMACHARYAA WORKSHOP WITH STEPHEN BRANDON ---3 Day Workshop---3 day workshop€25-230

  • 17.11.18---Jaguar Practice Masterclass with Jason Anderson---2 Day Workshop---2 Full Days---(11.00-17.30pm)-€170-200 Click for For info

  • 25.04.19---Inner Child Workshop ---Information on Request------

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