India Retreat-led by Irish Yoga Teachers

10th March-24th March, 2019 Rishikesh, India



India's Embrace

Where The Great Divine Mother soothes your soul

It is time to let your inner Shakti Shine


Let the magic begin…


Where you can choose to finally let go of that which no longer serves you.  Through yoga, play, dance and song we will invite your inner goddess to rise. 



We begin our magical journey at one of India's holiest sites, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. It is visited by hundreds of thousands every year.  The Temple is entered from four different sides to show openness and acceptance for all.  It is considered so holy that 35% of the pilgrims that visit are from different faiths other than Sikh. Our first two days will be spent embracing the temples majestic beauty and its surrounding pool of healing waters.  From here we journey by overnight train to Rishikesh.



Rishikesh is translated as “the abode of the saints” and so it has been that this amazing town, stretching along the Ganga river, has become home to many extraordinary beings throughout the ages. Most bizarrely and wonderfully their vibration and resonance can still be felt there. Not only this, Rishikesh and satellite villages continues to be the sojourn for many modern day masters of Yoga. In our travels, we have enjoyed direct experience of this extraordinary connection. Opening this possibility to you has been the greatest impetus for us in creating our India Yoga Adventure.


Organic Farm

Jag’s Organic retreat farm is situated at the foothills of the himalaya's, in Rishikesh.  Here you will experience the astonishing views of this natural environment, in particular the sacred spot where the river Song meets a branch of the river Ganga that flows though the land.  Aisling, Mia and Jag have co-created a comfortable and nourishing experience. The practice of Yoga and mantra, will be blissful and bountiful as we surrender to the goddesses of Love, peace and Joy .  Allow your mind, body and soul to be still and become one with nature.  Here we will enjoy rest surrounded by age-old traditional village life at the edge of the Rajaji jungle.  You will also

 be treated to discovering the magical properties of local ayurvedic herbs and trees.  After 5 nights reconnecting with nature and re-earthing our physical and subtle bodies, we are transferred by car to the heart of Rishikesh.




You will be staying at the recently built Hotel Holy River Rishikesh.  It is situated a short distance from Laxman Jhula suspension footbridge. The Hotel overlooks a busy and bustling street where you will likely meet many Yoga travellers. This will be your base for the remainder of your stay.  Optional early morning Shakti Yoga sessions will be given by both Aisling and Mia, with devotional mantra and yoga nidra sessions offered in the evenings.



In scheduling the Yoga programme, we will be allowing plenty of time for you to attend Satsang/discourse and teachings given by various Yoga Masters at venues along the river.  In all the world we do not know of another place with so much to offer. Just sitting-under warm winter Sun-relaxing on the sandy banks of Ganga, swimming her pristine waters is a “darshan”/blessing in itself.




For those of you wishing for a vibrant and energetic adventure, our outdoor activity

 programme will satisfy the adrenaline junkies amongst you. The programme will include White water rafting, excursions to ancient temples and spirited waterfalls.  Our Jungle jeep safari being just one of our favourites amongst previous guests.  We can tailor your trip to be just as you wish it. We also appreciate that you may well choose to kick back or enjoy healing ayurvedic treatments.




Support & Companionship

India being India, given the infrastructure and distance between places of interest, travel has always been a challenge. Our arrangements will make it as easy and as comfortable as possible for you. Trust that as soon as you arrive you will have the support of our the group and our experienced local team.  Trust that it will be an adventure and that it may test you in many unexpected ways.  It is very likely to be a profound and life changing experience. Who knows what may be in store for you...


Please note your flights are not included, however we can tell you that the average cost from Ireland and the UK is about €500 return to Deli International.  An internal flight is required to Amritsar on arrival from Delhi airport and an internal flight from Dehradun on departure to Delhi airport.  Flights will cost about €30 each.


It is also likely you will fly overnight on the Saturday 9th of March and arrive in Delhi India on the Sunday morning.  Your hotel transfer will be waiting for you on your arrival at Amritsar airport.   


Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

For more information email us on

10th-24th March 2019